Orthodontics is not just for teenagers! Today, one in five orthodontic patients are adults. At Feller Orthodontics, we have successfully treated patients well into their 80’s!

Love Your Smile

What are most of our prospective adult patients concerned about before they begin their orthodontic experience?

Can you still move my teeth as an adult?

Do I have to have metal braces like the kids? How will this affect my work day, social life, lifestyle?

How often do I have to come in to be seen for my orthodontic appointments?

How much does orthodontics cost? Is it affordable?

Yes! Yes your teeth can still be moved as an adult. Here are some of the orthodontic issues we can and often do correct in adults:

crooked teeth
missing teeth
preparation for dental restorations
TMJ symptoms including popping, clicking, headaches
lip posture
facial profile

And the list goes on! Thankfully, with a proper diagnosis and treatment plan, tooth movement and even bite correction in adults is achievable.

Adult orthodontic treatment options:

At Feller Orthodontics we recognize that the thought of braces as an adult may not be thrilling. Most adults proceed with orthodontics because they know it will be worth it, but they often do not look forward to the journey. We do all we can to make the journey as comfortable and efficient as possible, while taking into account your lifestyle and life demands. That is why we not only offer but take pride in our skill and expertise in:


  DamonClear braces

  itero element scanner (instead of traditional impressions)


We value your time. So many of our modern treatments and protocols are to ensure that your schedule and lifestyle are minimally affected. How do we do that?
Clear, esthetic options
Same day starts (many of our patients that come in for exams appreciate that we can either scan and start their Invisalign process, or put on their braces that same day!)
Appointments. Thanks to the new technologies and our experience with them, we are not having to see our patients every 3-4 weeks anymore. We will often go 6-8 weeks between appointments and still achieve excellent results.
Come discuss what option works best for you and your lifestyle.


Despite the high-end technologies we treasure and offer, our fee schedule is surprisingly reasonable and comparable to other options. Our patients recognize that they are getting an exceptional treatment and result. But they are often surprised when our fee is comparable or even more affordable than others they have explored. Our treatment coordinators will work hard to make sure there is a payment plan you can afford. Cost will not be a barrier to achieving the beautiful smile you deserve.