Whether it is Damon braces or Damon Clear braces, we are the experts. We pride ourselves on being a Damon premier provider meaning that nobody in Rock Springs has the experience and expertise that you will get with our doctors at Feller Orthodontics. Other offices may offer Damon braces as a more expensive option, but at Feller Orthodontics that is the only brace we use!

 If we feel it is the best brace treatment for some of our patients, we will not provide lesser treatment to others. You can feel confident you and your child will receive what we feel is the highest quality, most effective brace system on the market. We have successfully treated thousands of patients with the Damon system. Come see why it is the only brace we use!

Today there are many offices offering some type of clear aligner treamtent treatment, but so few have the necessary training and expertise to give you the ideal result and smile you desire. Sadly, you don’t even have to be an orthodontist to offer orthodontic services. There are so many lesser aligner treatments available in our community or online. But please be aware that often the treating doctor may not be an orthodontist, may not have any formal education in orthodontics, or in extreme cases they may not even have a doctor in the office at all!

At Feller Orthodontics we strive to be the best at what we do. That comes from years of training and formal education, regular and effective continuing education courses, and years of quality experience. There is a reason that Feller Orthodontics has become an elite premier provider of Invisalign for many years. Simply put, that means that our doctors are in the top 1% of Invisalign providers in the United States!

If you are in the market for orthodontic treatment, please make sure your treatment is under the care of a qualified orthodontist. It’s just not worth the risk to your teeth or oral health (let alone the potential significant cost and time that can be associated) to cut corners or choose lesser options.